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The Reporter Website is our pay-per-evaluation site. You simply pay a small fee for each evaluation you need to perform. This website allows you to perform LOCUS© and CALOCUS© evaluations quickly and accurately. You simply enter the appropriate information about the client. The website handles the computations for you, and produces a recommended level of care, along with a report that can be printed and added to the client's records. When you're ready to step up to the next level of power and ease of use, you can purchase Deerfield's Service Manager software. Service Manager goes beyond the Reporter Website... it is a powerful database product that you install on your own organization's computer network. Service Manager has the ability store client demographic data, and can retrieve, aggregate and report on all of the data collected during each LOCUS© and CALOCUS© evaluation. Through this patient tracking system, a clinical picture of the client's progress can be observed. You can also generate organization-wide reports, giving you details on your entire client population. And with our new Service Planner add-on module, you can take the information you entered into an evaluation and use it to easily develop a service plan for the client. Best of all, Service Manager is licensed without any per-evaluation fees!
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What are LOCUS© and CALOCUS©?
LOCUS© and CALOCUS© are clinical tools that evaluate and determine level of care placements for psychiatric and addiction services for both adult and child/adolescent populations. They are comprehensive utilization management systems, which are designed to generate various managerial reports, aggregate patient data, track patients, and promote accurate scoring and ease of use.

These tools are designed for use by clinicians and managed care organizations alike. Subsequently, they promote increased communication between providers and payers. When implemented, LOCUS© and CALOCUS© effectively benefit individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues by quickly and accurately assessing their needs without removing clinical judgement.

The LOCUS© and CALOCUS© instruments were developed by the American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP). Deerfield offers enhanced computerized versions of these tools, enabling the clinician to perform an assessment quickly and accurately.

Deerfield Behavioral Health, Inc., is the exclusive provider of software for the LOCUS© and CALOCUS© clinical assessment tools.

Treatment Planning with LOCUS M-POWER©
LOCUS M-POWER© (Multi-dimensional Person Oriented Wellness, Empowerment and Recovery) is an add-on treatment planning module that is designed to enhance the original LOCUS© instrument. It targets the individualized issues identified during a LOCUS© Assessment, and provides an easy way to create an treatment plan.

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